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Staffordshire Pets are pleased to announce we are stockists of Vetark products.

Vetark have a unique range of vitamins and supplements and have changed the landscape of exotic animal health nutrition in the UK.

Founded in 1988, they have established themselves as market leaders in animal nutrition and are widely used and recommended by vets, universities, zoos, scientists and pet owners. We are very pleased to be supplying our customer with their products. Keep an eye out for posts featuring information on their products.


Pro C

Pro-C Probiotic For Pets Small Mammals Supplement Soluble Aids Gut Function 100g


Vetark Avipro Avian 300g


Pet Life StageAll Life Stages

Item FormPowder

Unit count300.0 gram

Number of Items1

  • Complete prebiotic and probiotic blend

  • Enhanced with vitamins A, C and E

  • High palatability means it can be added to the drinking water



Have you seen we stock Avipro Plus? Avipro Plus is a supplement for dogs and comes as an easy to give powder. Avipro plus is a probiotic and soluble fibre prebiotic for dogs, enhanced with vitamins A, C & E and electrolytes.

Avipro Plus is recommended to help maintain digestive health in dogs and cats and is particularly valuable when animals are undergoing stress or veterinary treatment for long and short-term conditions.

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